The Canadian Society For Housing Trusts (The CSHT), formerly The Classic Communities Charitable Foundation, was established to administer trust funds provided by developers of “affordable housing” to purchasers of their homes. 

The CSHT is incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act.  As such it provides an annual report, including financial statements, to Alberta Corporate Registries.  

The CSHT is governed by a board of directors comprised of community members from various walks of life.  A Chartered Accountant externally audits annual financial statements.  A Non-Profit Organization Information Return is annually submitted to Canada Revenue Agency.  

Funds held in trust by The CSHT are invested in savings accounts, Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Banker’s Acceptance Notes of highly rated financial institutions.  Funds may also be invested in government guaranteed instruments.  The interest earned on the investment of these funds pay the expenses of The CSHT.